Final Fantasy Adventure Fandub Series

Ladies and Gents here is the 2nd Fandub series of mine made in co-operation with the late great SaikyoMog of Youtube fame. This one is based off of the 1991 Gameboy Game Final Fantasy Adventure from Square-Enix. Here is the summary of the game from the official original GB release...

"In the Empire of Glaive, a gladiator-slave is forced to fight evil monsters controlled by the Dark Lord. But when his best friend is mortally wounded, he learns of a secret pendant which will give him great power. As the hero, you must battle your way out of the Dark Knight's castle and search through a dangerous world for the girl who has the pendant. But you discover she has been captured by the Dark Knight's men. To free her, you must find the legendary sword and fight off the Dark Knight's beasts and overlords through deserts, snowfields, lakes, forests, and caves. Are you ready for the adventure of your life?"

Anyways here are the episodes for this series...

Episode 1: Beginning

(Episode 1's Blooper Reel)

RileyChaseFox- Sumo
MerePie- Fuji
Gtnish>7- Dark Lord
WaltzingClown- Julius, Man
Lavi Luka- Amanda
Dilasc- Bogard
Pokejedservo- Narrator, Willy, Topple Old Man, Ketts Butler
Haaland- Mr. Lee the Vampire
Stable- Male Gladiator
AntoniTheAnimeNerd- Topple Man, Marsh Cabin Merchant
Sailor- Topple Woman
ElFalzALot- Topple Weapons/Armor Merchant
Shugo- Topple Items Merchant, Man at Ketts
Razzle- White Mage at Ketts

Episode 2: Wendel

(Episode 2's Blooper Reel, Warning there is some Profanity here)

Sumo- RileyChaseFox
Fuji- MerePie
Man, Julius- WaltzingClown
Narrator, Wendel Guard, Dwarf Cave Dwarf A- Pokejedservo
Cibba, Wendel Old Man, Greeter Dwarf, Dwarf Cave Dwarf D, Man in Airship A- thebloke
Fuji's Mother- Orifiel
Watts, Wendel W/A Merchant- CoyoteNEUTRAL
Bogard- Dilasc
Wendel Man A- Darrell-H
Wendel Man B, Riverside W/A Merchant- Wolfblade93
Wendel Woman- kushi
Wendel Girl- Dolphineer
Wendel Boy- Angel-SunWalker01
Dwarf Cave Dwarf B, Oceanside Merchant- Elfailzalot
Dwarf Cave Dwarf C- Kendai
Slave Driver- gtnish>7
Man in Airship B- BrioCyrain
Man in Airship C- raphapower

Episode 3: Amanda

(Episode 3's Blooper Reel)

Sumo- RileyChaseFox
Amanda, Jadd Boy- Angel-SunWalker01
Narrator, Jadd Old Man- Pokejedservo
Davias, Menos Old Man A, Menos WA Merchant- Fairfieldfencer
Lester, Jadd Dwarf, Jadd Man- Leon101
Menos Old Man B- gtnish>7
Menos Item Merchant- MAKEmeSmAsH
Jadd WA Merchant- Rayerack
Jadd Turban Man- DravenRoth994
Jadd Inn Keeper- adamleard
Medusa- beansymccoy
Menos White Mage- LoraLion
Menos Boy & Girl- Trina
Menos Woman- ShadowMistress
Jadd Woman- Lenalee
Jadd Girl- IUndeadUnicorn

Episode 4: Reunion

(Sorry no Blooper Reel this time though I did add a few of my own during the End Credits of this episode)

Sumo- RileyChaseFox
Fuji- Mippa
gtnish>7- Dark Lord
Narrator, Julius, Mountainside Cabin Merchant- Pokejedservo

Episode 5: Chocobot

(Episode 5's Blooper Reel)


Sumo, Lorim Man- LemurLord
Bogard- skyward_flecha
Dr. Bowow- Gary Scales
Lorim King- saqoy21
Narrator, Cibba- Pokejedservo
Ish W/A Merchant- audaciouslyawkward
Ish Old Man- funyunrob
Ish Young Man A- robdaboss72
Ish Inn Keeper- Josh Gavin
Ish Young Man B- Tyrannical Rex
Wendel Item Merchant- monsetto
Sarah- JoelleValley
Ish Young Woman- Reyna8598
Wendel Little Girl- agentfluffy
Ish Child- kanen

Episode 6: Ammonite Coast

(No Blooper Reel this time, like Episode 4 a few of my bloopers will appear in the end credits)


Sumo- LemurLord
Narrator, Cibba- Pokejedservo
Dr. Bowow, Lone Cabin Weapon's Merchant- Gary Scales

Episode 7: Dime Tower

(Episode 7's Blooper Reel)


Sumo- LemurLord
Marcie- GoombaTrroper97
Narrator- Pokejedservo

Episode 8: Mana Tree Finale


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