Marvel True Believers X-Men & Spider Man Origins

Excelsior! Hey there True Believers, this page is for my Audioplay series that is for audioplay adaptations of these Marvel Comics stories...

X-Men Issue #1
Giant Sized X-Men #1
Amazing Fantasy Introducing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man #1
Spidey #6 Making the Grade.

Here you will find links to these audioplays here when they appear. 'Nuff said.

X-Men Issue #1
This is for the X-Men's debut Comic Book story that originally made its debut in September of 1963. So far I only have a preview available in which you can listen to at the following sites...


And you can even view it here on Youtube at...

Here is the Cast List (so far)

Narrator- Pokejedservo
Stan Lee Announcer- Arkham
Professor Charles Xavier- tallguyzin
Cyclops/Scott "Slim" Summers- CritikalMiss
Angel/Warren Worthington III- TheHero
Ice Man/Bobby Drake- bigmovo
Beast/Hank McCoy- Jacob M. Keene

Sound Effects by:

(Complete Version Coming soon)

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