One Piece Who Will Save Robin From Aokiji?

Well folks this is for my VN-stlyed Video Adaptation of my fanfiction "One Piece Who Will Save Robin From Aokiji?" in which you can read at the following sites...

Anyways here is the summary here that this is a One Piece fic set during the incident at Long Ring Long Land where our heroes the Straw-Hat Pirate Crew face the Marine Admiral Aokiji to try to save Robin from being captured by her.

But in this fic we see it divided into 4 segments where one of the Straw-Hats try to make a stand to save Robin from Aokiji's clutches such as Luffy, Usopp, Nami and Sanji. The twist here is that Aokiji seems to have mistaken the Straw-Hat trying to make a stand for Robin's lover (aside from Sanji whom he immediately suspected that Robin's feelings for him were strictly platonic. In which much to Sanji's chagrin Robin immediately confirmed that.)

This production will be split into 4 segments and they are...

Segment 1: Monkey D. Luffy

(Blooper Reel)

SpiritKitten- Monkey D. Luffy, Tony Tony Chopper
Cringeivore- Aokiji
DeathFlameXL- Roronoa Zoro
Riverdude9074- Usopp
Aislinn Faye- Nami
Sharon Grunwald- Nico Robin
Pokejedservo- Narrator

Segment 2: Usopp

[Coming Soon]

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