Here you can find out about some of the smaller projects that I have worked on in the past, though productions that have a full voice cast will get seperate pages. But this is where you can find small little productions that I did in which I did all the voices myself on Youtube and Dailymotion and here they are.

My 2nd Hetalia Trilogy Fanfic Commercial- Youtube

I actually tried this little experimental idea where I made a Youtube Video of one of my fanfics namely "My 2nd Hetalia Trilogy" in which you can read at DeviantArt and Archive Of Our Own. In this I play France, Canada, Italy (Northern), Germany, America and England.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Team Ending: Spider-Man/Venom/Wolverine- Youtube

This one is a little Comic that I made myself via MS Paint and its based off of one of the MVC 2 Team Endings that I wrote that you can find on DeviantArt and Archive Of Our Own. Here I play 3 of the guys in the Title namely Spidey, Venom & Wolverine.

House of the Dead 2 Goldman Scenes Fandub- Youtube

Here I did a fandub of a few of the cutscenes from the game "House of the Dead 2" where I play the villain Goldman but there is also a scene where I play the Hero and Player Character James.

Legend of the Mystical Ninja Prologue Fandub- Youtube

This is a fandub of the opening intro of the SNES game "Legend of the Mystical Ninja" from Konami in which I play Kid Ying (Goemon) and Dr. Yang (Ebisumaru).

Code Name Viper Intro Fandub- Youtube, DailyMotion

This is a fandub of the opening intro of the NES Game "Code Name Viper" where I play the protagonist Mr. Smith and Commander Jones.

Off the Mark Looney Tunes Thanksgiving Comic Panel- Youtube, DailyMotion

Here is a little ComicDub of one of Mark Parisi's "Off the Mark" comic panels in which I play Bugs Bunny & the Road Runner.

Spider-Man the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge Intro Fandub- Youtube, DailyMotion

This is a fandub of the opening intro of the SNES game "Spider-Man and the X'Men in Arcade's Revenge" where I play Spidey and the Narrator/Announcer.

F-Zero Super Famicom/Nintendo Comic Fandub- Youtube, DailyMotion

Here is a ComicDub of the little comics that come with the SNES Game "F-Zero" (both the Super Famicom & Super Nintendo versions) where I play the roles of Samurai Gorah, Captain Falcon, Pico, Dr. Stewart & the Announcer.

Final Fight One Intro Fandub- Youtube

This is a fandub of the opening intro of the GBA game "Final Fight One" where I play Mike Haggar, Damnd, Cody Travers, Guy and the Narrator/Annoucer.

Batman Arkham Asylum Game Over Reel Fandub- Youtube, DailyMotion, Archive.Org

Here is my fandub of most of the Game Over screens from the 2009 game "Batman: Arkham Asylum", here I play Joker (both Original & Titan), Bane, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Cash & Batman.

Crash 'n the Boyz Street Challenge Intro Fandub- Youtube

Here is a fandub of the intro of the NES game "Crash 'n the Boyz Street Challenge" where I play Crash Cooney, Todd Thornley III, Mr. Thornley, Mr. Lee, Skip and the Narrator.

Bubba Duck from Ducktales Remastered Clip- Youtube, DailyMotion

Here is a short clip of me doing my impression of Bubba Duck from Ducktales (or to be slightly more precise the 2013 game Ducktales Remastered).

Chrono Trigger Flames Of Eternity Project ANABASIS Fandub Clip- Youtube

Here is a fandub clip of the Fan-Made Sequel Chrono Trigger Flames of Eternity. In this Scene I play Belthasar, Agent 86, King Zeal, Lavos & the Computer.

Fire Emblem Binding Blade Intro Fandub- Youtube

Here I do the Opening Narration for the Japan-Only (but Fan Translated) GBA Game Fire Emblem Binding Blade.

Batman The Movie (Written By a Bot) Page 1- Youtube

Here I did a little audioplay based off of this little skit from Twitter where I voiced the Narrator, Alfred, Batman and The Joker.

Shining Soul 1 Boss Battle Fandubs

Boss 1 Beast King- Youtube, Dailymotion
Boss 2 Colossus
- Youtube, Dailymotion
Boss 3 Bulzome
- Youtube, Dailymotion
In these clips I voice the Boss of the Boss Battle and do their pre- and post-battle lines.