Soul Blazer Fandub Series

This is a Fandub of the classic 1992 SNES game "Soul Blazer" from Square-Enix/Quintet. The footage was provided by my old friend the late SaikyoMog of Youtube fame. Here is the summary of the game from the original SNES release...

"Money... The root of all evil.

King Magridd sold out.

Obsessed with the desire for wealth, he cut a dastardly deal with the ruler of evil. Now the Freil Empire is in shambles and you are chosen to save it. Free the kingdom's captive souls. Teach the King a thing or two about integrity. Rescue a beautiful maiden. Liberate an imprisoned inventor.

You'll boldly traverse the six complex stages in this action-RPG. An array of weapons, armor and magic are at your disposal. After you revive the kingdom, you will confront Deathtoll. Then, make him pay..."

Here are the episodes for this series...

Episode 1: Grass Valley

(Episode 1's Blooper Reel)

Narrator- RainStrife92
Master, Village Chief- Dilasc
Elderly Mage, Dr. Leo, Gourmet Goat, Tour Guide Goat- Pokejedservo
Tulip 1- Ophycal
Village Chief's Wife- Cassie
Crystal Maidens- Aibrean
Tulip 2, Tool Shop Owner- Lucca
Bridge Guard, Normal Goat- RioDragon
Water Mill Keeper, Screaming Man- Vodkahaze
Elevator- Ranmarotto
Lisa- Spiritkitten
Teddy- Refi-Chan

Episode 2: Greenwood

(Episode 2's Blooper Reel)

Narrator, Hungry Squirrel, Light Mole, Turbo, Exposition Mole- Pokejedservo
Master, Guard Mole, Crocodile- Dilasc
Talking Raft- True Blue
Guardian of the Woods- Jorrich
Crystal Maidens- April Sadowski
Bird (Stump's Dream)- DeadlyRose7717
Tiki, Emblem holding Squirrel- Megami33
Monmo- SpiritKitten

Episode 3: St. Elles/Seaside Palace

(Note: This was the one episode that did not have a Blooper Reel, however I did add a couple of them in the credits of this episode.)

Anti-Magma Angelfish, Narrator- Pokejedservo
Master- Dilasc
Crystal Maiden- April Sadowski
Lue the Dolphin- PurpleWarrior13
Antonitheanimenerd- Dolphin
BA Mermaid & MF Mermaid- MissChrys16
Guard Mermaid, Mermaid Statue A- Gradgirl2010
Spiritkitten- Lala the Dolphin
Mermaid Statue B- ShylaGrace
Mermaid Statue D- laced
Mermaid Queen Maidens- rukia10 and lalencia
Mermaid Queen & Mermaid Statue C- brothertonkr

Episode 4: Mountain of the Lost Souls

(Episode 4's Blooper Reel)

Narrator/Hidden Snail- Pokejedservo
Master- Dilasc
Crystal Maiden- April Sadowski
Small King/Nome the Snail- Darrell-H
Mushroom Shoes Boy- LittleMiss.Miester
King's Elderly Maidens- Trina

Episode 5: Dr. Leo's Laboratory

(Episode 5's Blooper Reel)

Narrator, Dr. Leo- Pokejedservo
Master, Great Door A- Dilasc
Crystal Maiden- April Sadowski
Marie the Doll- DemoniChrisse
Great Door B- P3RFECT
Castle Soldier A- QAN
Castle Soldier B- hirokaski
Drawer- ShadowPuppyVA
Actinidia Plant- David Tripp
Seabed Palace Mermaid,Mouse- Elkachan
Dreaming Cat- SpiritKitten
Grass Valley Guard Boy- Zerorider

Episode 6: Magridd Castle/Deathtoll Finale

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Blooper Reel)

Pokejedservo- Narrator, Master, Dr. Leo, King Magridd (2 Lines), Lue the Dolphin, Turbo the Dog/Goat
Spiritkitten- Lisa
Brissgold- King Magridd, Greenwood Deer
LNM-C- Queen Magridd
G. Scales- Deathtoll

CaptainJudaism- Dok the Soldier
Sky Soldier- HBMike
Bechstein- Dreaming Soldier, King Magridd (Blooper Reel)
Jibb1324- Singer
Xertis- Magridd Soldier A
gtnish7- Magridd Soldier B
Kifinosi- Magridd Soldier C
DrSushiMonster- Magridd Soldier D
Hinachan- Greenwood Bird
Darrell-H- Small King/Nome the Snail
Phoenix- JediExile
Small Voice- LKGMediaProductions
Aaryln- Mermaid Queen
DemoniChrisse- Marie the Doll

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