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This is the page for the Audioplay Adaptation of my Takahashi Trifecta Fanfic series which is one big Fusion Fic of Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku and Ranma 1/2 in which the series' premise is also a big "What If?" namely "What if the Tendo and Saotome Families moved to Maison Ikkoku"? While yes this series is a rewrite series as certain characters will have small to significant changes from their original stories (but to be honest in certain ways its kind of inevitable since it is a Fusion Fic). Anyways I will also admit to you right now that I will be going with alternate pairings (but the only official one that I am going flat-out against is RanmaXAkane as I am definitely a RanmaXUkyo guy. But rest assured Akane fans I won't be demonizing her in this series.)

Anyways this series is set in Maison Ikkoku, a poor slightly run down Apartment room with a motley crew of Tenants. There is Yusaku Godai, the poor young Ronin namely a young man who is trying to get into College, Akemi Roppongi, the Sultry Bar Waitress with a love of booze, Yotsuya, the highly enigmatic and eccentric man who speaks in a deadpan tone and then there is Hanae Ichinose, the short fat middle aged heavy drinking mother of the young boy Kentaro Ichinose. One day the lives of these people get turned upside down as Maison Ikkoku gets a new Manager namely the beautiful young woman by the name of Kyoko Otonashi. However the new Manager will not be the only surprise as Maison Ikkoku will also have new Tenants namely the Tendo and Saotome families. This series is at heart a light-hearten comedic sitcom series with the occasional more dramatic storyline. You can read the series at either DeviantArt or Archive Of Our Own. You can also view a Preview Video of the Audioplay series here at Youtube at...

But as you can see here not everyone in the main cast made it to the first episode.Oh yes and you can also hear my take on Maison Ikkoku's Ending Theme 1 ****** Hareru Ka that I am using in this series at...




Episode 1: New Manager, New Neighbors, Maison Ikkoku would never be the same again.
Read DeviantArt/Archive Of Our Own

Where this series all began, which seems like a bit more straightforward adaptation of the 1st episode of Maison Ikkoku (aside from the fact that Mr. Onsen from Urusei Yatsura is one of the tenants). But as soon as Kyoko Otonashi arrives at Maison Ikkoku to be the new Building Manager shortly afterwards there will be new tenants namely the Tendo & Saotome families. You can hear the episode on the following sites...




Or at SoundCloud.com at...

Or you can view it on Youtube at...


Stoic- Yusaku Godai
Ben Urciuoli- Yotsuya
KnowItPoet- Male Ranma Saotome
Curtis- Genma Saotome
cyberfrank89- Soun Tendo
Pokejedservo- Mark Onsen, Ataru Moroboshi, Mitsuo & Toshizo, Narrator. (Few lines for Yotsuya, Ranma & Soun)
star-eyed-skull- Kyoko Otonashi
Doctor McCrimmon- Akemi Roppongi, Hanae Ichinose
LKGMediaProductions- Kasumi Tendo
trulyamindlost- Nabiki Tendo
Angel SunWalker-01- Akane Tendo
Dani- Akane Tendo (3 Lines)
LNM-C- Kentaro Ichinose


Ranma 1/2 Love Panic (Official English Version)
The Legend of the Mystical Ninja SNES Opening Theme
Get Down- Gillbert O'Sullivan
Urusei Yatsura Opening 1 Lum No Love Song (Japanese Original)
Maison Ikkoku Ending 1 Instrumental Version (Performed in English by Pokejedservo)

Sound Effects by freesound.org and Youtube.

There is also a Blooper Reel for this episode that you can find here at...

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