The Breakfast Club Alternate Version Audioplay

Well Ladies & Gents this page is for my Breakfast Club Alternate Version Audioplay and I will admit this to you all right now that this was easily one of my more troubled productions. Auditions originally began in 2016 but Part 1 never got released until 9/12/18. (And if you were wondering why this page didn't get made until over a month later is because Wikifoundry was inaccessable until early October 2018 and I was busy doing other things as well.) Anyways the reason why things took such a while is due to various reasons such as how I initially had problems getting someone to be Claire Standish and stick with the role. Well for starters I was not sure how to undertake such a long story at first in which I did not My initial choice for Claire had to drop the project for being focusing on paid work only her understudy never got back to me In which I ended up getting other understudies who also either dropped or not get back to me until 2018 but thanks to some tenacity I finally released the 1st part of this production here.

Anyways this is the Audioplay adaptation of my fanfic "The Breakfast Club: Alternate Version" which is my somewhat modernized retelling of the 1985 classic movie "The Breakfast Club" in which you can read at...

[Part 1]
This will be covering Part 1 which is basically the opening scene for the most part in which most of the main cast will have a speaking role and here is the cast for this part.

John Bender- ShisengumiVA
Andrew Clark- bpeppler
Brian Johnson- jazzhandss
Claire Standish- Cassandra Swanepool (*= Aislinn Faye for 1 Line)
Principal Richard Vernon- mbgcon
Narrator- Pokejedservo

Mr. Standish & Mr. Clark- Doug Barbieri
Mrs. Johnson- Julia Eve
Brian's Little Sister- justme (*- Aislinn Faye for 1 Line)

BG Music
Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds (Instrumental)

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